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 1)  To promote the Thai lived in Finland to have (1) the subsistent and self reliance skills, (2) their lives values and happiness, including (3) the abilities to adapt themselves in the cross socio-cultural environment without any problems and burdens caused by the cultural shock.

 2)  To disseminate and exchange knowledge about arts and cultures , which will create a good image for Thai people living in foreign countries.

 3)  To create a network between Thai people living abroad and international organizations. To make a connection, to help each other, and to exchange experiences, which will bring together strength and harmony among the various organizations.

 4)  To promote knowledge and understanding about the laws and the benefits that Thai people living abroad will receive.

 5)  To arrange a “going back to homeland” project to raise awareness of Thais living abroad to love their homeland.

 6)  To promote alternative education such as teaching Thai language, including Thai cultures and identities to Thai children living abroad.

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